With Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on Sunday this holiday season, in the weeks before and after the holidays, trash, recyclables and organic/yard waste collection by E.J. Harrison & Sons will not be delayed.

Special holiday features offered

For two weeks after Christmas, from Monday, Dec. 26 through Saturday, Jan. 7, residents may put out extra holiday waste curbside on collection day – up to two 50-gallon bags – free of charge!

As another special holiday feature, Harrison is making it easy for customers to recycle their Christmas trees. Just remove the ornaments, hooks, lights, tinsel, bows, nails and tree stands, then cut the trees into sections no more than 4 feet long and place them in your organic/yard waste cart on your scheduled pickup day. Or, if you have NO organic/yard waste cart, place the whole Christmas tree curbside on collection day. Flocked trees also are accepted for recycling.

The recycled trees will be processed into mulch by our partner Agromin. These products benefit our farmlands, orchards, nurseries, landscape projects and home gardens, so recycling your tree truly is a holiday gift to Mother Earth! We appreciate your help and thanks also to Agromin and our local municipalities for participating in this program.

Finally, a reminder that our residential customers can place all three carts curbside every week, as Harrison collects all waste weekly – including food waste, which is now recyclable. All food waste should be placed in closed bags and the bags should be tossed in the yard waste cart.

Thank you for your role in the success of food waste recycling. Food waste recycling is the law, but more importantly, it’s vital for the environment. Food waste emits destructive methane gas as it decays, damaging our atmosphere and causing global warming. We continue to be a statewide leader in developing the programs and infrastructure needed to implement this ambitious project and we wouldn’t be as successful without your participation.

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