Harrison Industries will maintain its regular trash, recycling and yard/organic waste collection schedule in Ventura County during the week of Juneteenth, June 16-22. The holiday this year is on Wednesday, June 19.

Remember that Harrison’s residential customers can place all three carts curbside every week, as Harrison collects all waste weekly – including food waste, which is recyclable. All food waste should be placed in closed paper or plastic bags and the bags should be tossed in the organics waste cart. 

It’s important to recycle your food waste EVERY WEEK and establish this as a regular habit. The state of California in 2022 began to require the diversion of food waste from landfills, and your efforts are needed. Even if you only have food waste bags and no yard waste, you can still put the food waste bags in your organics waste cart and take it to the curb every week for pickup.

Thank you for your role in the success of our food waste recycling program. Food waste recycling is the law, but more importantly, it’s vital for the environment. Food waste emits destructive methane gas as it decays, damaging our atmosphere and causing global warming. We all have to do our part and make food waste recycling a daily habit.

 For more information on Harrison’s food waste recycling program, please visit https://ejharrison.com/residential-food-waste/.

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