Recycling Guidelines for Carts & Bins


What goes in the

Recycling Bin or Cart?

Continue to do your part — sort your refuse to recycle whenever possible. Help keep the planet healthy and clean! The following sections will help guide you through the recycling process:


    • Newspapers or Magazines
    • Plastics 1-7
    • Glass Containers
    • Cardboard Food, Shoe Boxes, etc.
    • Paper/Junk Mail
    • Aluminum or Metal
    • Flattened Cardboard
    • Cartons
    • Bagged Shredded Paper 
    Yes recycling guidelines EJ Harrison
    No Recycling guidelines EJ Harrison
    • NO Plastic Bags
    • NO Hoses
    • NO Styrofoam or Straws
    • NO Household Hazardous Waste
    • NO Medical Needles or Sharps
    • NO Food – soiled Paper
    • NO Film Plastic or Shrink Wrap
    • NO Diapers

    Harrison Has You Covered

    Throughout Ventura County and beyond, Harrison Industries works hard for every customer, to ensure that all trash is collected weekly and disposed of properly.

    In business for 90 years, Harrison has earned its reputation as a dedicated LOCAL company that keeps its business in and around Ventura County – and keeps it clean.

    With an emphasis on recycling, Harrison landfills just a small amount of the materials it collects. And with a local focus, the company guarantees that all unrecyclable materials go to facilities in the area, including the Simi Valley and Calabasas landfills.

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