Trash, Recycling, Yard and Food Waste Guidelines for Carts and Bins

Trash Guidelines

What goes in the trash? What does not go in the trash – or in any other cart or bin? What should you do with your extra trash? … For all the rules of managing your trash cart:

Recycling Guidelines

Deposit your recycling materials, CLEAN AND LOOSE, directly into your recycling cart; do NOT put them in plastic bags. … And just what is considered recyclable? To learn all the rules of recycling:

Organic Guidelines

“Organic” waste equals green waste, which includes yard waste, scrap lumber and food waste. What goes where? It’s important that you understand the guidelines around these vital materials. For details:

E.J. Harrison & Sons has begun delivering new trash and recycling carts – to new developments among a few other neighborhoods – in compliance with California’s Senate Bill 1383, which creates a statewide uniform color system for all carts, bins and roll-offs. The new containers will slowly roll out across the state in the coming years.

Meanwhile, most residents will continue to use their green, blue and tan carts.

Here are the color changes coming, based on SB 1383 rules:
• New black carts will replace green trash carts.
• The blue recycle carts will remain blue.
• New green carts will replace the tan carts that are used for yard/organic waste.

While the state requires all carts to be replaced by 2036, Harrison expects to completely phase in the new carts within a few years. The rollout officially began on Jan. 1, 2022.

The next generation of 32-, 64- and 96-gallon fully automated carts are slightly shorter than the ones they will replace, but they are wider and heavier, which should make them more stable during wind events.
New carts will be delivered to customers along with how-to flyers explaining exactly what to do with each cart.

For more information, call Harrison at 805-647-1414.

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