Harrison Keeps it Green: Climate Registry

Harrison Keeps it Green: Climate Registry

We’re still leading the ecological charge, achieving well beyond carbon neutrality in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the latest Climate Registry and Avoided Emissions Reporting, Harrison Industries has fully offset its direct GHG emissions surpassing net zero in emissions by 21 times.

“As you can imagine, any company just trying to get to net zero is hard,” said Bill Camarillo, CEO of Harrison partner Agromin, “but the Harrisons have been able to average, over 10 years, 21 times greater than net zero, which is a tremendous accomplishment.”

It’s a remarkable number but not unexpected. We have a well tracked history of avoided emissions – including a fleet of trucks that run entirely on clean fuel – and following all of the protocol. We see this as our greatest responsibility and our greatest success as a trash/recycle company.

We at Harrison are very proud of our annual high ranking on the prestigious Climate Registry, which monitors greenhouse gas emissions. 

Harrison joined The Climate Registry in 2008 – just after the registry was formed – and it’s met its goal of remaining far ahead of the clean-air curve every year. The Climate Registry is a nonprofit organization designed and created in 2007 to manage and reduce businesses’ greenhouse gas emissions. Governed by U.S. states and Canadian provinces and territories, the registry operates GHG reporting programs globally and assists organizations in measuring, reporting and verifying the carbon in their operations in order to manage and reduce it.

Honored to Help Rebuild Arroyo Verde Park

Honored to Help Rebuild Arroyo Verde Park

The rebuilt playground at Arroyo Verde Park will feature new play structures, a sensory garden, planting areas, decomposed granite path, concrete side-walks, two new drinking fountains, updated ADA parking and an upgraded accessible path of travel to the existing restroom. (Rendering courtesy of the Ventura Community Partners Foundation)

Ventura’s Arroyo Verde Park is a uniquely beautiful piece of land and a treasured part of the city’s history.

Open to the public since 1961, the wooded, 132-acre hiking park in the hills and canyons above Foothill and Day roads took a major hit three and a half years ago when it was badly damaged in the Thomas Fire. Among other things, the park’s popular playground was destroyed.

The playground rebuild has been a long, involved and expensive project spearheaded by the city, in conjunction with the Ventura Community Partners Foundation and with the help of generous community donors. The upgraded, 10,000-square-foot, inclusive playground is expected to open in late 2021.

In Harrison’s ongoing efforts to give back to our partner cities – and especially to help local youths – we have taken a leading role in sponsoring the playground rebuild project. The city thanked us kindly recently, during a virtual City Council meeting in which Harrison was publicly commemorated for being the project’s No. 1 corporate donor.

Harrison’s donation is “going to go a long way toward getting this rebuild done,” Ventura Mayor Matt LaVere said at the meeting.

“We wanted to recognize the Harrison family’s support, for this and really all of the philanthropic work they’ve done in the city,” LaVere said. “They really are one of our great corporate partners here, and this is going to be really a huge catalyst in getting this playground rebuilt.”

In a brief video played after LaVere’s remarks, Myron, Ralph and Jim Harrison acknowledged the city’s thanks. “To be involved in Arroyo Verde Park makes us all very happy,” Myron said. “All of our kids played baseball there. I used to ride up there on my bicycle all the time, myself and my wife, so to get to do this event with the city of Ventura, we’re really happy to be involved.” (See video here.)

For more information on the playground rebuild and opportunities to help, visit venturafoundation.org.

Gold Coast Sets the Gold Standard in Recycling and Business

Gold Coast Sets the Gold Standard in Recycling and Business

We owe the highest of praise to our remarkable partner Gold Coast Recycling. Through some of the toughest times in its 30-plus years in business, the Ventura recycling company has stood strong and robust.

Over the past several years of a global downturn in the recycling market, led by China no longer accepting our goods, Gold Coast has powered through, finding new markets regionally and around the world for all the recyclable goods you put in your carts. And over the past year since the pandemic hit, the facility is one of the few places that’s remained open every day, taking every safety precaution for its employees and the public.

Thank you for your support. Keep on doing what you’re doing: Keep your recyclables clean and loose in your carts. And most importantly, don’t stop recycling!

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