Organic Waste Recycling Facility Gets Permits

Organic Waste Recycling Facility Gets Permits

Expansion of commercial food waste recycling capacity recently received a big boost when the city of Oxnard approved permits needed for a new processing operation off Mountain View Avenue.

Our business partner Agromin secured permits for its Mountain View Organic Waste Processing Facility as it prepares to launch a facility that can process source-separated commercial food waste.

In the works since 2017, the facility will be able to process up to 300 tons a day of source-separated organic waste, helping to convert it into animal feed, organic fertilizer or bioenergy.

To meet the challenges of California Senate Bill 1383, which mandates recycling of food and other organic waste to reduce climate-harming methane gas emissions from landfills, Agromin has spent years working with Harrison and local officials to launch the new Mountain View facility.

Mountain View will significantly expand our recycling capacity, as will Agromin’s project to expand its Limoneira compost facility in the Santa Clara River Valley to handle commercial and residential food waste.

Commercial Food Waste Recycling Success

Commercial Food Waste Recycling Success

Harrison’s commercial customers did a great job last year as we expanded our food waste recycling program. Now we’re hoping to do even better in 2023.

State Senate Bill 1383 added food materials to the list of landscaping, agricultural and other green waste that should be recycled, effective last year. At Harrison, we’re actually entering our eighth year of food waste recycling, thanks to pilot commercial programs in the cities we serve.

The goal is to greatly reduce the amount of organic waste ending up at landfills, thereby reducing climate-harming methane emissions.

Under SB 1383, commercial customers must recycle all their organic waste, including food waste, unless they have a waiver. All businesses must provide organic and recycling bins next to each trash bin for their employees, contractors, tenants and customers, except in areas that do not generate any recycling or organic waste. Waste bins must be clearly labeled to show which materials go where. And they must be inspected quarterly for cross-contamination.

If you haven’t signed up, contact us immediately to determine your individual requirements and waiver eligibility. Email Harrison Contract Compliance Field Supervisor Donald Sealund at or Contract Compliance Manager Daniel Harrison at  

For more information about food waste recycling and the state legislation that mandates it, visit

Trash Collection Schedule Unchanged for the Presidents Day Weekend

Trash Collection Schedule Unchanged for the Presidents Day Weekend

Harrison Industries will maintain its regular trash, recycling and yard/organic waste collection schedules during the week of Presidents Day, Feb. 19-25. Remember that Harrison’s residential customers can place all three carts curbside every week, as Harrison collects all waste weekly. This includes food waste, which is now recyclable. All food waste should be placed in closed bags and the bags should be tossed in the yard waste cart.

Thank you for your role in the success of food waste recycling. Food waste recycling is the law, but more importantly, it’s vital for the environment. Food waste emits destructive methane gas as it decays, damaging our atmosphere and causing global warming.


We continue to be a statewide leader in developing the programs and infrastructure needed to implement this ambitious project and we wouldn’t be as successful without your participation.

Harrison Industries serves the cities and surrounding unincorporated areas of Ventura, Ojai and Camarillo as well as the unincorporated areas of El Rio, Somis, Ojai Valley, the Channel Islands beach communities and the city of Carpinteria as E.J. Harrison & Sons; Fillmore and surrounding unincorporated areas as Santa Clara Valley Disposal; and the unincorporated areas of Newbury Park as Newbury Disposal.

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