Ventura City Council Honors Harrison

Ventura City Council Honors Harrison

It was a proud moment for us at the latest Ventura City Council meeting. The kind words flowed Nov. 14 as the council recognized E.J. Harrison & Sons and our 90th anniversary.

“They’ve been a part of our community now for many generations,” Councilman Doug Halter said, adding later, “The Harrisons are so exemplative of what a good business owner here in the city of Ventura is all about … their ethics, their values are something shared by many of us in Ventura.”

Numerous Harrison family members, along with myself, were on hand to accept a certificate of recognition and have our picture taken with Doug and Mayor Sofia Rubalcava. We played one of our videos about the company, and I later introduced Jim and Ralph Harrison before they spoke.

Jim told the council about how all the Harrison brothers grew up on “the Avenue,” about how the company now has more than 400 employees, and how we’re all excited about the future. “We love the town. We love the people in the town,” he said.

Ralph added, “It’s been a wonderful time, and we really appreciate the city continuing with us.”

I then spoke briefly, urging everyone to recycle their food waste and put their organics cart out at the curb every week, even if they only have food waste.

What a special night for us. “I hope your business is here for at least 90 more years,” Doug said, and I remarked later, “We are ready for tomorrow.”

You can view the presentation at, about 7 minutes and 40 seconds into the video.

A Model of Customer Service

A Model of Customer Service

Congratulations to Jimi Hampton for elevating customer service to new levels here at Harrison. The field supervisor earned a special resolution this year from the Channel Islands Beach Community Services District for his “outstanding public service.”

The district board initially approved the resolution at its May meeting, where General Manager Pete Martinez noted that Jimi has worked with the district since its initial contract with E.J. Harrison in 2008. District board President Jared Bouchard read and presented the resolution and a plaque to Jimi at a recent Harrison board meeting.

The resolution notes Jimi “has consistently proven himself to be a diligent and dedicated extension of the Channel Islands Beach Community Services District staff” and praises his “positive attitude, great demeanor and willingness to assist others.” It cites his “professional, friendly, customer service-oriented approach to problem solving” and his “passion and continued willingness to go above and beyond for the customers of the district.”

Wow, I couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you, Jimi, for your service to our customers and community.

Thank You For Recycling Your Food Waste! It’s Helping!

Thank You For Recycling Your Food Waste! It’s Helping!

Photo: Put your yard/organics cart out weekly with your food waste in it, even if you don’t have any yard waste that week. (Interim yard/organic waste cart color shown here.)

You rock! Since Harrison started collecting residential food waste this year, hundreds of you have begun recycling your food waste for weekly collection.

For those who have not gotten on board – PLEASE DO.

It’s so easy: Instead of throwing your food waste in the trash, drop it into plastic or paper bags, seal the bags securely and toss them into your organic/yard waste cart. REMEMBER: Yard waste should be loose in the cart, but food waste MUST BE BAGGED! (No yard waste? No problem! Put the cart out by the curb anyway, for food waste collection!)

It’s so important: Food waste that’s not recycled ends up in the landfill. When organic material, such as food and yard waste, is landfilled, it decomposes and produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Recycled food waste becomes compost, energy, animal feed and other green products. With little effort, you can help reduce the impacts of climate change.

Questions? Visit our food waste recycling page here.

We’re Hiring

We’re Hiring

If you’d like to work in Ventura County, for a reliable company that’s been around since 1932; if you like independence and a sense of accomplishment on the job; and if you’re a person who cares about others, about community, about sustainability and the environment … we hope you’ll consider a career with us at E.J. Harrison & Sons.

Harrison currently is hiring drivers, diesel mechanics and welders; check out our careers page, to keep up on new positions as they become available.

We are a diverse company, but everyone on the Harrison team shares a gratitude for our jobs and a full understanding of how important our work is: It is nothing less than saving the planet, by fighting climate change. In addition to constantly improving our recycling programs to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill, we are proud to be operating a fleet of carbon-free trucks and working for an award-winning Climate Registered company that’s recognized annually for its environmental stewardship.

We offer a competitive salary, excellent work conditions and benefits including a comprehensive package for your families’ medical, dental, vision and life insurance needs, 401(k) plans, and opportunities for advancement.

Harrison Industries is an equal opportunity employer committed to workforce diversity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

APPLY TO HARRISON TODAY, on our careers page.

Labor Day Holiday Collection Delay

Labor Day Holiday Collection Delay

In observance of the Labor Day holiday, employees of Harrison Industries will be taking the day off on Monday, Sept. 6. As a result, Harrison will collect trash, recycling and green waste one day later than usual during the week of Sept. 5-11.

The regular schedule will resume the following week.

Harrison Industries serves the cities and surrounding unincorporated areas of Ventura, Ojai and Camarillo as well as the unincorporated areas of El Rio, Somis, Ojai Valley and Channel Islands beach communities as E.J. Harrison and Sons; Fillmore and surrounding unincorporated areas as Santa Clara Valley Disposal; and Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and surrounding unincorporated areas as Newbury Disposal.



You no longer have to remember which cart to put out each week. E.J. Harrison & Sons is now collecting ALL THREE carts – trash, recycling and yard waste – every week, at no additional charge!

Note: Your pickup day of the week will not change. Simply set out all three carts on your regularly scheduled pickup day.

This service upgrade will provide more room for you to recycle and allow Harrison to divert more recyclables and organics from the landfill. 

For additional information, call 805-647-1414.

Siblings Win Matching Prizes in Museum Recycling Contest

Siblings Win Matching Prizes in Museum Recycling Contest

Sister and brother Nora and Emmett Allen have both earned scholarships to attend a weeklong LEGO Summer Camp – the grand prize in an innovative contest to create the best home-crafted trash truck.

The local siblings’ winning entry was announced on June 18 by the Museum of Ventura County, which sponsored the contest.

The trash truck contest was the highlight of a weekend, recycling-focused drive-thru event hosted May 1-2 by the Museum of Ventura County.

Harrison was the main sponsor of the youth-oriented family event, which also included the giveaway of grab bags full of fun and educational goodies.

“Small Footprints: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” was the theme of the simple, COVID-safe “Grab-and-Go” event, which sought to promote the vital importance of children learning to recycle and protect the environment, for their own future.

“The Museum of Ventura County is grateful to have a long and meaningful relationship with E.J. Harrison,” said museum development director Eric Knight, “and we’re honored to have this opportunity to once again work with the Harrison family, in bringing this message of sustainability to the public.”

NEW WEEKLY 3-CART TRASH SERVICE Starts July 5 – and NO DELAY Due to 4th of July Holiday

NEW WEEKLY 3-CART TRASH SERVICE Starts July 5 – and NO DELAY Due to 4th of July Holiday

Beginning the week of July 5, E.J. Harrison & Sons will begin weekly curbside collection of ALL THREE carts – trash, recycling and yard waste – at no additional charge! Note: Your pickup day of the week will not change. Simply set out all three carts on your regularly scheduled pickup day.

ALSO the week of July 5: There will be no delay in service due to the Fourth of July holiday.

The new three-cart service upgrade will provide more room for you to recycle and allow Harrison to divert more materials from the landfill. 

For additional information, call 805-647-4141.

Prevent Food Waste; Save Money and Resources

Prevent Food Waste; Save Money and Resources

We Americans waste a lot of food. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, each of us tosses out about a pound of food each day, on average.

That amounts to about a third of all the food that’s produced in our country – and about 150,000 tons of food EVERY DAY. Fruits and vegetables are the most likely to be discarded, followed by dairy and meat.

What a massive waste of resources – and money! In dollars, it’s estimated to equal $218 billion a year – more than the state of California’s annual budget.

Even as we look ahead to the coming of curbside food waste recycling, we all should do our part to shop smarter and waste less. Here are some easy tips to reduce food waste:

Shop smart

  • Browse at home first. Before you shop, survey your fridge and cupboards to avoid buying food you already have.
  • Eat before you shop. Impulse food buying goes through the roof when we’re hungry. We shop much smarter when our bellies are full.
  • Have a menu. Make a list of the meal and snack ingredients you’ll need to feed your household until your next shopping trip. (Pro tip: Include a “leftovers night.”) This will greatly help you buy only what you need.
  • Buy fresh foods in small quantities. Perishables are, of course, the most wasted foods. Seriously consider how much you really eat. Don’t buy four salad meals if you’re only likely to eat two. Don’t buy a dozen bananas for one person.

Store food effectively

  • Prominently display perishables. Before you put your fresh food items away, take the time to wash, dry and prep them and then place them in clear storage containers for easy use.
  • Consider your containers. Use storage bags or filtered bins designed to help extend the life of your produce.
  • Check sell-by dates. Eat the food in order of stated or likely expiration.
  • Do your homework. Learn which fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer inside or outside the fridge.
  • Use your freezer. Whenever possible, freeze items for later. Many perishables can be frozen – including a lot that may surprise you. Here’s a partial list: nuts; fresh fruits including seedless grapes, bananas, berries and avocados; fresh veggies including onions, peppers, spinach, mushrooms and corn; fresh herbs; tomato paste, purees and sauces; soups and chili; mashed potatoes; rice and other grains; cooked pasta; fresh milk and buttermilk; yogurt; butter; eggs; cheese; and bacon. Note: Many foods will need to be stored specially and thawed in particular ways; Google it for details.

Give back to the Earth!

  • Compost. Even without your trash hauler’s help, a lot of your food waste, as well as yard and other waste, can bypass your trash, recycling and yard waste barrels – via home compost systems. Backyard composting bins can be simple, but you have to pay attention to the instructions, as they do require particular amounts of heat, moisture, content balance and care.

What’s compostable? Here’s a partial list: produce; eggshells; coffee grounds and filters; tea bags; nutshells; shredded newspaper; yard trimmings and grass clippings; houseplants, hay and straw; leaves; sawdust and wood chips; cotton and wool rags; dryer and vacuum lint; hair and fur; and fireplace ashes.Contact your local city or garden center for details and any available incentives to set up a home composter.

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