Congratulations to Jimi Hampton for elevating customer service to new levels here at Harrison. The field supervisor earned a special resolution this year from the Channel Islands Beach Community Services District for his “outstanding public service.”

The district board initially approved the resolution at its May meeting, where General Manager Pete Martinez noted that Jimi has worked with the district since its initial contract with E.J. Harrison in 2008. District board President Jared Bouchard read and presented the resolution and a plaque to Jimi at a recent Harrison board meeting.

The resolution notes Jimi “has consistently proven himself to be a diligent and dedicated extension of the Channel Islands Beach Community Services District staff” and praises his “positive attitude, great demeanor and willingness to assist others.” It cites his “professional, friendly, customer service-oriented approach to problem solving” and his “passion and continued willingness to go above and beyond for the customers of the district.”

Thank you, Jimi, for your service to our customers and community.

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