Starting Jan. 3, food waste recycling services begin for all residents of cities served by Harrison Industries. (Residents in unincorporated areas will begin in mid 2022.)

The program is simple: Just place all of your food waste in plastic bags (anything from bread bags to trash bags will do); tie the bags and place them in your yard waste carts, for collection along with your (loose) yard waste on your regular service day.

We will take it from there, to make sure it’s all turned into organic compost or other products.

Taking effect on Jan. 1, California Senate Bill 1383 requires communities statewide to prohibit organic waste from going
to landfills. Food and other organic waste emits destructive methane gas as it decays, damaging the Earth’s atmosphere
and causing global warming.

* ALL FOOD WASTE IS ACCEPTED FOR RECYCLING * including: bones, peels, egg shells and coffee grounds.

DO NOT place trash – including non-organic recyclables (plastic, metal, glass), pet waste or Styrofoam – in yard waste carts.

Visit Harrison, Gold Coast Recycling and Agromin for more information on their services.

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