As most of our customers know, Harrison is now accepting residential food waste for weekly collection and recycling. We hope everyone is taking advantage of this invaluable new service.

Simply place all of your food waste in plastic or paper bags; securely close the bags (tie off plastic bags and tightly fold paper bags); and place them in your yard waste carts, for collection along with your (loose) yard waste on your regular service day.

NOTE: FOOD WASTE MUST BE BAGGED, so we can separate it out for use as compost, fertilizer, animal feed and other green products.

Food waste recycling is not just the right thing to do; it’s the law, as set forth in California Senate Bill 1383, which took effect in January as a mandate to set our state on the right path toward reversing climate change. Food waste emits destructive methane gas as it decays, damaging our atmosphere and causing global warming.

ALL FOOD WASTE is accepted for recycling, including bones, peels, shells and coffee grounds. DO NOT place trash; non-organic recyclables (plastic, metal, glass); pet waste; or Styrofoam in yard waste carts.

Click here for all the information, including a complete Q&A, on food waste recycling.

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