Help Make Our Planet Happy – Recycle your Food Waste Weekly

Please do your part. It’s so easy: Instead of throwing your food waste in the trash, drop it into plastic or paper bags, seal the bags securely and toss them into your organic/yard waste cart. REMEMBER: Yard waste should be loose in the cart, but food waste MUST BE BAGGED. (No yard waste? No problem. Put the cart out by the curb anyway, for weekly food waste collection.)


Food waste in the landfill creates methane, which escapes into the air. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to disastrous climate change events.

Please “Do Your Part” to create compost, energy and other green products while also slowing climate change. Put your yard/organics cart out weekly with your bagged food waste in it, even if you don’t have any yard waste that week.


 Questions? Visit our food waste recycling page online, at

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