Don’t forget to recycle all that holiday season food waste!

In observance of Thanksgiving this year, Harrison Industries employees are taking the day off on Thursday, Nov. 23.


As a result, customers who normally have their trash, recyclables and yard/organic waste collected on Thursday or Friday will have it collected one day later than usual. The Thanksgiving holiday will not affect customers who have their trash, recyclables and yard/organic waste collected on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The regular schedule for all customers will resume the following week.

We’d also like to remind folks as the holiday season approaches to keep up the good work recycling your food waste. Residential customers can place all three carts curbside every week, as Harrison collects all waste weekly – including food waste, which by now you should be accustomed to recycling. All food waste should be put into paper or plastic bags, and the bags should be closed tightly and tossed into your yard/organic waste cart.

Remembering to recycle your food waste is especially important during the holiday season from Thanksgiving through the New Year when people tend to generate extra food waste.


Thank you for your role in the success of our food waste recycling program. Food waste recycling is the law, but more importantly, it’s vital for the environment. Food waste emits destructive methane gas when it decays at a landfill, damaging our atmosphere and causing global warming. Harrison is proud to be a part of the solution and we remain grateful for your assistance.

Happy Thanksgiving table - EJ Harrison Industries Trash Hauler Ventura County

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